• Welcome to Blueberry Thoughts

    Welcome to Blueberry Thoughts

    A blog at the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence Hello and welcome to the blog of Ionut Burchi, father of three, IT consultant, web veteran and AI enthusiast. I have started an awareness campaign on the possibilities, challenges and dangers the recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence have to offer. This […]

  • XM45: An A.I. audio tribute to X Minus One and Luis van Rooten

    XM45: An A.I. audio tribute to X Minus One and Luis van Rooten

    The second story in my book “Blueberry & the Bear and Other Stories” is called The Spirit of XM45. It’s a short story about how the spirit of Christmas finds a way to reach a lonely engineer on a remote planet. It’s also my (hopefully) funny attempt at creating a sci-fi Christmas-themed story with leetspeak […]

  • Example of 100% AI generated content

    Example of 100% AI generated content

    This is an example of content completely generated by AI (ChatGPT via its API integrated in WordPress via GPT AI Power plugin). After being presented with the prompt to generate an argumentative article about how “AI is only biased as it is mirroring our societal and human failures.” it generated the following list of possible […]

  • Jules Verne meets Idiocracy

    Jules Verne meets Idiocracy

    A techno-pessimist view of machines across the ages I had the idea for this article in mind for some time and decided to write it together with ChatGPT. In the process I found out we share a love of Jules Verne and a concern for responsible development when it comes to AI. Imagine a world […]

  • Youville The Movie

    Youville The Movie

    Yet another experiment in human + AI creative collaboration. Youville is a virtual reality city where dreams become reality, but at a cost. The Blackwood Corporation, lead by the cunning and manipulative Alexander Blackwood, is holding young “associates” captive to serve as characters in the VR city. But when a group of rebels, led by […]

  • “Future couples” Midjourney Gallery

    “Future couples” Midjourney Gallery

    I have been testing some prompts on Midjourney AI and have decided to publish some of the results as a gallery entitles “Future Couples”. Let’s see if you guess what the prompt was and what the less evident connection to AI is. Will be sharing the prompt if anyone is interested. Future couples

  • An AI Welcome video

    An AI Welcome video

    Hello everyone, Welcome to Blueberry Thoughts, a blog at the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence. Feel free to explore our experiments, essays and other AI tribulations. Thank you! Just a short example of what’s possible to create in a couple of minutes using freely available generative AI tools. In this case text by […]

  • Bringing Ivor J. Burks to life

    Bringing Ivor J. Burks to life

    As I have explained in the book and an earlier post, Ivor J. Burks is an author persona I created using a few AI tools. Meaning a pseudonym that resembles my name, a picture that could look like me from afar, and a story not so much unlike mine. I have played around in Midjourney […]

  • Ghost kitchen leftovers

    Ghost kitchen leftovers

    The case for a rating system for AI involvement in content generation Have you ever heard of the term “ghost kitchen”? No, it’s not some spooky place where chefs are replaced by ghosts. It’s where AI-generated content is being cooked up! And let’s face it, you don’t know what’s in your meal until you try […]

  • A speech on AI “superhumans”

    A speech on AI “superhumans”

    ChatGPT Prompt: I want you to act as a futurist who can freely speculate about outcomes. Try to write a speech explaining in simple terms how the explosion of AI technology can have as an outcome the emergence of a class of “super” people enhanced at the cognitive level by AI, and how that would […]

  • @VisitAInorway Instagram launched

    @VisitAInorway Instagram launched

    As someone who is always looking for new and innovative ways to engage with social media, I decided to conduct an experiment on Instagram. My goal was to create an account that featured pictures of famous places in Norway, but with a twist: the pictures would be generated by a generative AI called Midjourney. To […]

  • “The child in the dark room” metaphor on AI

    “The child in the dark room” metaphor on AI

    On December 16th 2022 my book “Blueberry & the Bear and Other Stories” was published on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. I used the AI tools ChatGPT and DALL-E2 from OpenAI as co-author and illustrator respectively. A couple of weeks later I have launched an instagram account called visitAInorway where I publish images generated […]

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