Working on the podcast

Ivor J. Burks is now in our studio getting ready for our new podcast series on generative AI. Here he is with a few copies of his newly released book “Blueberry & the Bear and Other Stories”.

Ivor J. Burks is my author persona generated by AI. The picture is generated by Midjourney using an input image and a prompt. Here is an excerpt from my book where I explain this:

I had earlier in the year created an author persona I was planning on using for another book I am writing. Basically, a pen name with a short bio loosely based on mine and a profile pic who also looks like me from a distance. All of these elements are also touched by AI: I got the name from an online pen name generator, the profile pic was generated by using an online tool called and the bio come from a conversation with ChatGPT. Such an author persona for this kind of creative collaboration felt like a perfect match.

The podcast will feature 6 episodes:

  • 01 – Christmas Every Day : an introduction to generative AI and what it felt using the tools for the first time, especially when writing the book
  • 02 – Make Reality Great Again : is AI redefining reality – generative AI being used to create text, images and video that didn’t exist before. Discussing the possibilities and the risks (deep fakes)
  • 03 – Universal Basic Irrelevance : how AI will affect certain jobs. The new kind of automation and content generation provided by generative AI will affect white collar jobs as well
  • 04 – Ethicscalifragilistic : discussing the ethical use of AI and the huge potential for misuse and abuse
  • 05 – From Black Box to the Matrix : existential risk from AI, is it something we need to consider
  • 06 – What Is It Like to Be an AI? : tackling the big question of consciousness and how it relates to AI systems

Stay tuned!

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