Learn about A.I. before it learns about you

This was the title for a retort I wrote in the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang . The article I was replying to is this one which was basically mirroring some of the ideas from the Future of Life Institute open letter proposing a 6-month pause on AI development. I am providing a translation of my article here in English:

I have tested a lot of the AI tools, seen what they can be used and abused for. We cannot afford not to understand what hits us.

In recent months, I have taken a deep dive into generative artificial intelligence. Tested an insane amount of tools of all kinds. It started with me writing and illustrating a book using ChatGPT before Christmas. I ended up writing this reply with a pen on paper.

What we have seen and heard recently is true, we are not going to be able to trust what we read, see or hear on our gadgets anymore. We have sacrificed our digital reality to the god AI.

A god who would solve all social problems. Solving the climate crisis while the reality is that an enormous amount of energy is used to make the AI cabal go around. Create more jobs, while the big technology companies get rid of tens of thousands of workers. Making a better world for us humans as algorithmic manipulation becomes more pervasive and powerful disinformation tools are available to all.

It’s not Skynet or The Matrix we should worry about (at least not yet). The dangers of AI are real, and they are here now. But they come from the people who abuse the technology and those who push an agenda for progress at any cost. We cannot put AI on pause, but we can learn about what it is and what it means for us as a society. We can take a step back and rethink our relationship with technology. And to each other.

I chose to write this text with pen on paper to make sure I use my good old human intelligence as much as possible.

Raw chef – the text content is prepared entirely by human hands, with no AI involved.

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