Paris in the 20th Century: An AI video tribute

I have mentioned my being a huge Jules Verne fan on this blog before so I was very excited to work on a project this Christmas for a trailer powered by AI tools for a movie based on the fascinating book ” Paris in the 20th Century”.

Here it is in all its glory, read below to find out how I made this.

I started by working out the prompts to create a consistent and appropriate style for the still images in ChatGPT and generated them in DALL-E3.

I was lucky to win early access and credits to the incredible enhancing and upscaling tool so I ran all the stills through the tool with beautiful results such as these.

Then I animated all the stills in Runway using the Gen-2 image-to-video tool.

I have put it all together in Adobe Premiere Rush while the voiceover is made in ElevenLabs VoiceLab and the soundtrack is composed with Aiva (film) and Stable Audio (credits).

I have decided to create a new YouTube channel for future videos so you can go to Blueberry Thoughts to subscribe for more.

Mix-master – the text content is prepared by human hands, using minimal assistance from AI tools (spelling, grammar).

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