Ionut "John" Burchi


I’m Ionut “John” Burchi, father of three, author, IT consultant, web veteran, and language freak living in Norway.

As a tech optimist, born in a low-tech world, who grew up devouring Jules Verne’s extraordinary accounts of exploration, bravery, resilience, and technological advancements, I have a strong bias toward desiring a future of thriving and positive development for the human race. Part of that success could be achieved through technological advances such as has been the case throughout most of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries.

But technology alone cannot solve everything, and can even bring about more significant issues. Humanity cannot continue to ignore nature and keep on destroying our planet’s ecosystems. At the same time, we cannot release new disruptive technologies which have the potential to wipe us out without any form of regulation or international agreement.

This blog and its podcast contain thought experiments, essays, and other bits and pieces of my mind contemplating the constantly evolving state of AI and where it could be heading.

Note: You will meet my AI-enhanced persona, Ivor J. Burks, all across the blog and as a host on the podcast. It’s the pseudonym I used for the book and the voice clone I use on the podcast.

Thank you!