More AI Video and Music Experiments

I have been trying out several AI video generators for the past few months and even made a trailer for the YouVille movie using Pika a while back.

The one that has so far shown the best results and seems to have been dominating the scene is Runway with its Gen-1 video-to-video and Gen-2 text/image-to-video models.

I have also tried a few AI audio and music tools, from Stable Audio to Aiva and of course the amazing Suno. Plus other models from Meta and Google which have been released in the past few months.

Here are some of the projects I have published using these tools on my new YouTube channel Blueberry Thoughts.

There’s information on the tools used in the video description on YouTube. Pick your favorite, there’s quite a lot of variety!

80s Disco music video
Scenery from Norway
Black Metal music video
Pokemon Fans short



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