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  • Jules Verne meets Idiocracy

    Jules Verne meets Idiocracy

    A techno-pessimist view of machines across the ages I had the idea for this article in mind for some time and decided to write it together with ChatGPT. In the process I found out we share a love of Jules Verne and a concern for responsible development when it comes to AI. Imagine a world…

  • “Future couples” Midjourney Gallery

    “Future couples” Midjourney Gallery

    I have been testing some prompts on Midjourney AI and have decided to publish some of the results as a gallery entitles “Future Couples”. Let’s see if you guess what the prompt was and what the less evident connection to AI is. Will be sharing the prompt if anyone is interested. Future couples

  • My book is out

    My book is out

    Ever wondered what kind of bedtime stories an AI would write? “Blueberry & the Bear and Other Stories” is an experiment in creative collaboration between human and artificial intelligence. This collection of bedtime favorites features stories that range from classical tales featuring beloved animals to futuristic stories about the interaction between humans and technology. Get it for…