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Ionut Burchi with his Book

A blog at the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence

Hello and welcome to the blog of Ionut Burchi, father of three, IT consultant, web veteran and AI realist.

I have started an awareness campaign on the possibilities, challenges and dangers the recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence have to offer. This blog is a collection of experiments, essays, and other media created about and with artificial intelligence.

My dive into AI started in 2020 as I took a course on AI at OsloMet university. My project for the course exam is explained in the video below:

Paren2.AI Presentation Video

The whole thing exploded in late 2022 when OpenAI released ChatGPT. Out of a creative collaboration experiment came the book “Blueberry & the Bear and Other Stories” just before Christmas that year.

Blueberry & the Bear and Other Stories

It continued with presentations and chats at work and with friends and family, interviews in local media and magazines, a retort in a national newspaper here in Norway, and other experiments which you can read or see on this blog and other platforms.

My experiments with AI-generated voice culminated in the Blueberry Thoughts Podcast, a series of 15-minute episodes discussing generative AI, its impact on jobs and society, and many other exciting and thought-provoking subjects.

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The latest experiments have included making short film trailers and music videos which you can watch on my YouTube channel.

Here is one of the latest videos I have created. Enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. We are living in an age of extremely short attention spans so I really appreciate the time 🙂

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