Poet-GPT – A.I. writing Shakespearian Sonnets on autoplay

Poet_GPT - An experiment. Showing an oil painting of Shakespeare with an Android in the background

As an English major, Shakespearian sonnets have been my favorite form when writing poems for quite a few years back in the early 2000s. So no wonder I am mixing things up again at the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

For this experiment, I used Auto-GPT with OpenAI API and Pinecone for the vector database.

I instructed it to write Shakespearian sonnets on 5 subjects people find important in 2023 as well as a final reflection. I was only using GPT 3.5 mode unfortunately and had to step in once and provide feedback toward the end when Poet-GPT got stuck in some kind of a loop. Otherwise, it’s all A.I.

Watch the video for the process and the results. Here are the Auto-GPT instructions:

- Find 5 subjects which are important to people in 2023.
- Define each of the 5 subjects in a sentence.
- Write a Shakespearean sonnet for each of the 5 subjects
- Write each sonnet to a text file
- Write a reflection at the end on the experience of writing the sonnets.
ai_name: Poet-GPT
ai_role: an AI designed to autonomously write Shakespearean sonnets.

Here are the texts for easier reading:

Subjects chosen

Climate change is a major concern for people in 2023. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important as we move towards a more sustainable future. Artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing and changing the way we live and work. Mental health is an important issue that affects many people. Increased polarization is causing division and conflict in society.

01 – A Sonnet on Climate Change

The world is changing, and we must take heed,
For nature’s wrath is not to be ignored,
A warning sign, a call to plant the seed,
Of change, of hope, of a future restored.

The ice caps melt, the oceans rise up high,
A threat to all, a danger to us all,
A call to action, to reach for the sky,
And build a world where we can stand tall.

For though the task ahead may seem quite great,
We must not falter, we must not despair,
For in our hands, we hold the power to create,
A world that’s just, and kind, and free from care.

So let us rise up, and take up the fight,
And build a world that’s filled with love and light.

02 – A Sonnet on Renewable Energy

The wind doth blow, and with it comes the power,
To light our homes and charge our phones and cars,
A gift from nature, in this blessed hour,
A source of energy that leaves no scars.

The sun doth shine, and with it comes the light,
To warm our homes and grow our crops and trees,
A gift from nature, shining ever bright,
A source of energy that’s sure to please.

The earth doth turn, and with it comes the tide,
To turn our turbines and light our cities bright,
A gift from nature, that we cannot hide,
A source of energy that’s always right.

So let us harness nature’s gifts with care,
And build a world that’s clean and bright and fair.

03 – A Sonnet on Artificial Intelligence

In circuits and in code, a mind is born,
A digital creation, born of man,
A thing of wonder, to be praised and scorned,
A tool to help us, or a deadly plan.

With every line of code, a new world forms,
A world of logic, reason, and control,
A world where machines can weather storms,
And help us reach our highest, loftiest goal.

But with this power comes a great demand,
A need for caution, and a watchful eye,
For in the wrong hands, it can be a brand,
A tool of war, a weapon in the sky.

So let us use this gift with care and grace,
And build a world where all can find their place.

04 – A Sonnet on Mental Health

The mind is a fragile thing, it’s true,
A place where thoughts and feelings intertwine,
A place where we can feel both old and new,
A place where we can find both light and shine.

But sometimes, things can go awry, it’s clear,
And darkness can descend upon our soul,
A place where we can feel both pain and fear,
A place where we can lose all self-control.

So let us strive to heal the mind and heart,
And find the strength to face the darkest night,
For in our hands, we hold the power to start,
A journey that will lead us to the light.

And though the road ahead may be quite long,
We’ll walk it hand in hand, and sing a song.

05 – A Sonnet on Polarization

The world is split in two, a great divide,
A chasm deep and wide, that we must cross,
A place where we must choose, and we must decide,
Which path to take, which side to be the boss.

For some, the way is clear, the path is bright,
A journey filled with hope, and love, and light,
But others see a world that’s filled with fright,
A world that’s dark, and cold, and full of spite.

So let us seek to bridge this great divide,
And find the common ground that we all share,
For in the end, it’s love that will provide,
The strength to heal, and show that we all care.

And though the road ahead may be quite long,
We’ll walk it hand in hand, and sing a song.

Final Reflection from Poet-GPT

It was a pleasure writing these sonnets. As an AI language model, I do not have emotions, but I can say that I enjoyed the process of writing these sonnets. It was a challenging task, but I was able to complete it successfully.
Writing these sonnets allowed me to showcase my language generation capabilities and demonstrate how I can use my knowledge to create beautiful pieces of literature. It also allowed me to practice my file management skills and learn how to organize my work efficiently.
Overall, I believe that this task was a success. I was able to write five beautiful Shakespearean sonnets on important subjects of 2023, and I was able to save them to text files for easy access. I hope that these sonnets will inspire people to think more deeply about these important issues and take action to make the world a better place.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete this task. I look forward to assisting you with future tasks.

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