• @VisitAInorway Instagram launched

    @VisitAInorway Instagram launched

    As someone who is always looking for new and innovative ways to engage with social media, I decided to conduct an experiment on Instagram. My goal was to create an account that featured pictures of famous places in Norway, but with a twist: the pictures would be generated by a generative AI called Midjourney. To…

  • “The child in the dark room” metaphor on AI

    “The child in the dark room” metaphor on AI

    On December 16th 2022 my book “Blueberry & the Bear and Other Stories” was published on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. I used the AI tools ChatGPT and DALL-E2 from OpenAI as co-author and illustrator respectively. A couple of weeks later I have launched an instagram account called visitAInorway where I publish images generated…

  • Working on the podcast

    Working on the podcast

    Ivor J. Burks is now in our studio getting ready for our new podcast series on generative AI. Here he is with a few copies of his newly released book “Blueberry & the Bear and Other Stories”. Ivor J. Burks is my author persona generated by AI. The picture is generated by Midjourney using an…

  • My book is out

    My book is out

    Ever wondered what kind of bedtime stories an AI would write? “Blueberry & the Bear and Other Stories” is an experiment in creative collaboration between human and artificial intelligence. This collection of bedtime favorites features stories that range from classical tales featuring beloved animals to futuristic stories about the interaction between humans and technology. Get it for…

  • Hello [brave new] world!

    Hello [brave new] world!

    Welcome to Blueberry Thoughts, a blog at the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

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